Artificial Grass Installation

Eliminate Mowing and Watering Your Lawn


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Artificial Grass Installation Services

If you have a large grassy lawn in the front of your house which is eating at your monthly water bill, synthetic turf will drastically reduce your monthly bill and instantly add curb appeal while transforming the aesthetic of your house. Synthetic turf is also a fantastic choice for people who go out of town on business trips, go on a lot of vacations, or rent the property out. After your turf installation, you won’t have to worry about watering while you are out of town, and you surely won’t have to worry about renters properly attending to the lawn.

Call today to learn how artificial grass is a safe, sanitary, and low-maintenance lawn option for homes with dogs.


Artificial Turf Options

Pet Turf

With the extra work that dogs contribute to a natural grass lawn, installing artificial turf in your yard will take a load off your shoulders.

Putting Greens

Putting greens are helpful to take a load off after a long day, to entertain guests, or to improve your short game.

Sports Turf

Artificial grass is durable throughout any weather and can save a large amount of water, given the amount of grass that is replaced with turf.

Artificial Grass Installation Advantages

  • Instantly Increase Your Curb Appeal & Property Value
  • No More Mowing Your Lawn
  • Drastically Reduce Your Monthly Water Bill
  • Enjoy a Lush Green Lawn With Our Urea Z Solution for your pet tuf

Artificial Grass Installation Phases

  • 1

    Synthetic Lawn Design and Planning

    One of our Professional Design Consultants will assist you with your design and plan in an effort to come up with a clear picture as to your overall vision and goals for this project.

  • 3 2


    We will excavate 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 inches from final grade.

  • 5 3

    Base Preparation & Compaction

    We will prepare 2-3 inches of Class II Road Base which will be dispersed throughout the entire footprint of your turf project.

  • 7 4

    Turf Preparation

    Make sure to roll the turf completely out and allow it to sit in the sun during the initial preparation process.

  • 9 5

    Border Preparation

    To properly secure the border it is a good idea to nail down the perimeter with nails. Use 40-60d nails which are 4-6 inches in length and use them every 1-2 feet around the perimeter of your project.

  • 11 6

    Final Trimming & Clean-up

    Walk the project to see if there are any blades of grass that are out of place. If everything looks perfect, then hose down your new lawn which will complete the infill install and now your installation is complete.

  • 2 7

    Pre-demolition & Demolition

    Before the demolition can commence, all utilities must be properly located to eliminate unnecessary problems. A bob-cat will be used to demolish your existing hard-scape surface.

  • 4 8

    Grading & Drainage

    At this point if drains need to be installed, this is the time to do so as well as account for proper water flow away from your house.

  • 6 9

    Weed Barrier Fabric

    After the base preparation, we recommend that a weed barrier fabric is installed which will reduce the chances of weeds making their way to the surface of the final installation.

  • 8 10

    Seaming & Trimming

    Once the artificial turf has been perfectly laid out and all the excess material has been trimmed, we are now ready to seam the pieces together.

  • 10 11

    Infill Preparation

    To get the turf ready for the infill installation, you will want to use a power broom and sweep the turf in the opposite direction that the blades are pointing. This will prop the blades upright.

  • 12 12

    Pet Maintenance

    If you have pets that are going to use your newly installed artificial grass as their bathroom, then we highly recommend that you have a bottle of Urine Zero on hand to rid the odors.