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There are so many paver installation companies to choose from as new companies continue to pop-up everyday on the internet. We know it can be very confusing to figure out who to choose, which is why it is our goal to provide you with all the important information you need. We have over 15+ years of experience so we can help make the absolute best decision on your paving stone investment.

Not only do the pavers instantly increase the value of your house, they are beautiful and will add that special statement that you have been looking for.

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Paver Applications

Driveway Pavers

From a design, durability, and return on investment standpoint, installing driveway pavers is an extremely worthwhile investment.

Patio Pavers

Different color variations and patterns give the design conscious homeowner a chance to dress up their outdoor living space.

Pool Deck Pavers

While upfront costs may be slightly more, the many benefits will end up saving you money and make you happier in the long run.

Paver Materials

Interlocking Pavers

Ease of maintenance and quick installation are some significant factors that contribute to why you would want to choose pavers over brick or concrete.

Concrete Pavers

Different color variations and patterns give the design conscious homeowner a chance to dress up their outdoor living space.

Flagstone Pavers

As a more durable and controlled material, pavers mimicking the look of natural flagstone is a highly sought after paving material.

Pavers Installation Advantages

  • Instantly Increase Your Curb Appeal & Property Value
  • Non-slip Surface, Even When Wet
  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Cracking or Breaking
  • Rated to 8,000 Psi (Concrete is only 1,500-2,000 Psi)
  • Sand Joints Allow for a Flexible System
  • Every Paver Is Made to Perfectly Interlock With One Another
  • Remove and Replace Pavers Anytime Without Damaging
  • Beveled Edges to Protect Against Chipping or Cracking

Pavers Installation Phases

  • 1

    Paver Design and Planning

    One of our Professional Design Consultants will assist you with your design and plan in an effort to come up with a clear picture as to your overall vision and goals for the project.

  • 3 2


    In vehicular areas, we will excavate 9 1/2 inches from final grade and in pedestrian areas we will excavate 7 1/2 inches from final grade.

  • 5 3

    Base Preparation

    We will prepare 6 inches of Class II Road Base for the vehicular areas and 4 inches for the pedestrian areas.Once the base has been set, we will hose the base down, and compact it.

  • 7 4

    Lay Pavers

    Once the laying system has been completed, we will lay string lines out from your house so that we know we are laying our pavers properly to the design/plan.

  • 9 5

    Prepare Bond Beam and Lay Border Stones

    After all the borders have been cut, we will trench all the areas out underneath the border stones that are abutting up to soft-scape surfaces (i.e. grass, dirt, asphalt, etc.) and trench all those areas out.

  • 11 6


    Once the joints have been completely filled with the sand, we will start our clean-up process. All excess sand and debris will be removed and your paver project will be hosed off and ready to use immediately.

  • 2 7

    Pre-demolition & Demolition

    Before the demolition can commence, all utilities must be properly located to eliminate unnecessary problems. A bob-cat will be used to demolish your existing hard-scape surface.

  • 4 8


    For the first 4 feet away from the house, we will want a 1/4 inch of fall per foot for the first four feet and 1/8 inch of fall per foot thereafter.

  • 6 9

    Sand Preparation

    We will screen 1 inch of sharp angled bedding sand over the entire base, which is specially designed for the pavers. This is not round beach sand that you would find at your local beaches.

  • 8 10

    Cut Border Stones

    Once the entire field of pavers has been laid, we will take the border stone of your choice and place it around the outside of the field.

  • 10 11

    Compact Paving Stones

    We will use the plate compactor at this point to compact the pavers down into the bedding sand, thus bringing the sand 1/4 inch up on the stone. At this point, the stones are now interlocked.

  • 12 12

    Apply Sealer (optional)

    Once the paver project is completed, we will add a sealer. There are various types of sealers, including: joint stabilizer sealer, color enhancer sealer, wet look sealer, etc.